Welcome to my website. I offer home (in the Coventry area) and online tuition to G.C.S.E. and A-Level mathematics students. In addition I tutor students of A-Level further mathematics and university students who need help with maths for subjects such as physics, computer science, chemistry, engineering and economics. I also tutor adults in basic mathematical skills (for example, in the past I have tutored P.G.C.E. students).

I usually tutor one student at a time for one hour, however I sometimes see two or three students together. It is also possible to book a session longer than an hour, though this depends upon my availability and the concentration of the student. Please use the above link for more information on my charges.

The content of each tutorial is designed for the current needs of the student(s). Generally we will spend most of the time solving problems and/or reviewing exam papers. One of the things I encourage most is asking questions. At least some time in every session is dedicated to answering any queries that have arisen since our last meeting; with patience and empathy, I will happily do this in as many ways as is necessary for me to be confident that the student has a good understanding.

I have a first class BSc (hons) in mathematics and have been providing home tuition for 18 years. I enjoy the subject very much and continue to study maths and its applications in my spare time. I have found that passing on at least some of this enthusiasm helps almost every student to improve their grades; I believe that one of the main reasons for people struggling with maths is that they see it as a dry, difficult and pointless subject. I aim to dispel these myths.

I have a particular interest in applications of maths by computer. I have experience with numerous programming languages, most notably Python. I have taught programming for various applications in the past.

If you would like to arrange tuition please check my availability (for times and the area I cover) then click on the contact link to get in touch. Please feel free to send me any other enquiries that you might have.

Thank you for visiting my site. I look forward to helping you with your tuition needs.

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